Acuity signs deals across Asia, thanks to local broker partners

Acuity signs deals across Asia, thanks to local broker partners
by admin-acuityfund
Written Articles by Ranjit (77)
Posted on October 24, 2019

Acuity signs deals across Asia, thanks to local broker partners

Three conferences, four countries and more than a dozen deals. Not bad for 12 days’ work!

By the way, this wasn’t just a great result for my commercial finance business, Acuity Funding. It was also a great result for my Aussie broker referral partners, who pocketed some easy referral fees.

More on that later. First, let me give you a quick summary of my trip, which included conferences in Vietnam, China and Singapore.

Commercial finance deals across Asia

During the Vietnam conference (a financial planning event), I organised property deals in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and the Maldives.

During the China conference (which was actually a food exhibition), I began by delivering a presentation on innovative forms of finance for China and other countries. Once that was done, I brokered a deal for a tea factory and also arranged funding for a big development.

During the Singapore conference (a Friends of Israel event), I sealed two more property deals – one in the Philippines and the other in Cambodia.

The funding for all these deals is coming from overseas lenders.

By the way, while I was in Singapore, I opened Acuity’s new Singapore business. Acuity Funding (Sing) is staffed by two local finance professionals.

Thank you to our resi broker partners

What do the overseas adventures of a commercial finance broker have to do with Aussie resi brokers?

A lot.

The only reason I was invited to these conferences was because of background work done by different resi partners.

Also, Acuity will be paying a referral fee on every one of the deals mentioned above, because all of them were initiated in some way by different resi partners.

How resi brokers can cash in on commercial deals

There are two important lessons for resi brokers.

First, start thinking big. There’s plenty of work outside your city and even outside your country, if you’re prepared to keep your eyes open.

Second, unless you want to navigate through the incredibly complicated world of international commercial finance, the smart option is to refer this work to a trusted commercial partner. That way, the client gets a great result and you get an easy referral fee.

Acuity Funding works with some of Australia’s leading resi brokers. Want to know more? Email me at and we can organise a quick chat.