Accolades continue to flow for Acuity in Asia-Pacific

Following his invitation to give the keynote address at the launch of the Financial Association of Industrial Parks (FAIP) in Vietnam, Acuity CEO and founder, Mr Ranjit Thambyrajah, was officially invited to be a member of the FAIP’s Advisory Board.

By Jacquelene Pearson

Mr Thambyrajah said he was thankful for the opportunity to be appointed to the FAIP Advisory Board, which is a government board.

The FAIP was jointly launched by Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Vietnam Financial Consulting Association (VFCA).

In addition to Mr Thambyrajah, a retired deputy leader of Japanese investment bank and stockbroker, Nomura Holding, Mr Morimoto Yutaka, has also been appointed to the advisory board.

“This appointment furthers Acuity Funding’s standing in Vietnam and across the Asia Pacific,” Mr Thambyrajah said. “Mr Yutaka has been active in high office in Vietnam for over 20 years so the VFCA and Ministry and Planning and Investment clearly consider the board to have a high-calibre role.”

Vietnam’s Deputy Prime Minister and members of his department will also be FAIP Advisory Board members.

According to press coverage of Mr Thambyrajah’s appointment to the Board, the VFCA released a resolution in December 2023 to establish the Financial Association of Industrial Parks.

Dr Phan Huu Thang, former Director of the Foreign Investment Agency under the Ministry for Planning and Investment was appointed interim president to the new industry body.

The FAIP’s purpose, according to extensive Vietnamese media coverage, is to “connect organisations and individuals relating to the economics and finance of industrial parks across the country.

It’s role will be to offer instruction and advice on how to “mobilise capital inflows and generate business within the newly-developed parks” in line with regulations.

According to Mr Thang, “The FAIP will be an organisation that protects the legal rights and interests of investors in the Industrial Park infrastructure business, enterprises operating in industrial areas and companies with business activities associated with industrial land.”

Mr Thambyrajah said the new FAIP will also act as a focal point to attract potential business and investment partners to Vietnam’s Industrial Parks sector.

“Vietnam already has over 400 Industrial Parks covering over 120,000 hectares of land and I believe there is substantially more growth to come. My appointment to the Advisory Board of the FAIP is an indicator of the high regard with which Acuity Funding is held by the Government of Vietnam and the nation’s financial industry,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

“The Advisory Board will help FAIP members, and the broader Industrial Park sector, to secure investments and capital injections,” he said. “Its functions will include providing advice on funding pathways, taxes and customs.

“Another of its functions will be to provide guidance to the VCFA about sustainable development of Industrial Parks and other sectors in Vietnam’s financial marketplace.”

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