Doing business with a social conscience

Many companies across the world aim to be seen as ethical, socially aware, charitable and responsible. Acuity Funding is not concerned with appearances, we have philanthropy as one of our core values.

It is a fundamental part of our everyday philosophy and all our business practices.

For many individuals, including Acuity Funding’s founder Ranjit Thambyrajah, philanthropy is a very personal matter. What is important is the act of giving, so in its truest sense, philanthropy is a private and confidential practice.

Doing business with a social conscience is, therefore, an extension of that private, individual philanthropic ethos. It is important to Ranjit to replicate his personal values in his business practices.

Acuity Funding is far from unique in its commitment to charitable causes. A survey conducted by Australia’s Fidelity Charitable Gift Trust, found that 89% of entrepreneurs make donations to charities and 70% also donate their time. However, we prefer to put our energy into finding more ways to give than talking about our giving.

It is always our goal at Acuity to earn the respect and trust of our clients, our investors and lenders and we believe our commitment to giving back to the community is an important element of earning that trust and respect.

The simple act of giving, either money, time and effort, or both, is one of the most natural and rewarding things we can do as human beings – we are, after all, a generous species.

Businesses who practice corporate social responsibility by ‘giving forward’ tend to generate the same goodwill and regard that individuals receive for their acts of kindness and decency.
Our philosophy is that there is no point waiting until retirement or the end of your life to give back. Any business that finds itself in the fortunate situation of being able to give has a social responsibility to do so.

Philanthropy builds community, it builds networks of like-minded people and companies, it can benefit the mental and physical health of employees. In fact, it can attract like-minded employees with high levels of loyalty and commitment because they share your values.
You don’t need to be a Silicon Valley billionaire to be a philanthropist – businesses of all shapes and sizes have socially responsible practices.

At Acuity, our philanthropic activities include work in Australia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. We focus on supporting those agencies that have an international world view as a central part of their vision.
Acuity Funding is proud to announce that we have recently launched our business in Nepal where we will have a strong focus on local job creation through all our business activities.

Acuity Funding has many plans for our enterprise in Nepal. We are very proud that our job creation initiative in Nepal has the power to change people’s lives and give back to the community that has welcomed us with such generosity.

If you’d like to learn more about Acuity Funding’s philanthropic activities or about how your business can give back, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.