International funds management

Acuity Funding’s relationship with investors, hedge funds and private equity investors through America, Europe and Asia underpins our capability to assist both investors and developers.

Our international funds management activities give us the opportunity to offer our 100% Funding facility via our Acuity Funding Lending Trust (AFLT) which offers a return of up to 6% p.a. Our investors enjoy the security of real estate backed investments, often also backed by Government and Semi Government participation.

We are well placed to develop excellent investment opportunities for private equity investors, hedge funds and family offices. 

We conduct extensive due diligence to provide our investor groups with opportunities to diversify into exposures in major projects and markets not readily available through larger fund managers. We maintain personnel in all the countries we invest in to offer local knowledge and hands on supervision in all their investments.

Our expertise and experience as a finance provider give our clients access to opportunities structured and managed with a high level of personal service and attention to detail. Our history of funds management expertise means we can provide clients with a complete package of debt and equity funding whilst delivering excellent returns to investors.

In fact, we believe we are uniquely placed to offer a higher level of personal service than many larger, institutional investment banks and fund managers.

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