Infrastructure funding

Around the world, the cost of replacing aging infrastructure, let alone building the roads, railways, schools, hospitals, ports and power plants of the future, is being borne less by government and more by developers and private investors. The times of governments raising taxes to finance infrastructure have long-gone. The political cost of the user-pays system doesn’t always make that model attractive either.

That is why developers are increasingly infrastructure investors, either through Public Private Partnerships or other commercial structures. This represents an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs globally to step up but they will need access to finance to get a foothold – and succeed – in the infrastructure marketplace.

Acuity Funding have been delivering finance for our clients since 1994 and that longevity means we have built enduring relationships with an array of finance sources – banks, non-banks, aggregators, private funds and High Net Worth individuals. These relationships mean we can facilitate access to funding from as little as USD$1 million to over USD$20 billion.

Infrastructure investors and developers need to focus on making sure their commercial interests and country’s long-term goals are well-served. That means attention to the particulars of contractual arrangements and legislative requirements with any government or public authority.

You need to make sure future pricing models, profit sharing and equity interests are managed. While you are paying attention to those details it makes sense to have a funding expert experienced at giving the same level of scrutiny to securing necessary finance.

Acuity can assist with organising finance for property acquisitions, plant and equipment and project development. We deliver financing solutions that will suit Governments and Private enterprise.

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