Acuity Chairman and CEO keynote speaker at association launch in Vietnam

Chairman  and Chief Executive Officer of Acuity Funding, Mr Ranjit Thambyrajah, will be the keynote speaker at the official launch of the Financial Association for Industrial Parks (FAIP) in Vietnam on 16 January.

By Jacquelene Pearson*

Acuity Funding continues to strengthen its reputation as the home of private debt throughout Asia by starting 2024 with CEO, Ranjit Thambyrajah, invited to be keynote speaker at the launch of a major new financial association in Vietnam.

“I am honoured to be chosen as keynote speaker and a panel discussion member at the launch of the Financial Association for Industrial Parks (FAIP) in Hanoi this month,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

“I’ve been asked to speak about searching for and cooperating with Vietnamese investors and conditions for financing projects in Vietnam,” he said.

Industrial parks are a burgeoning market sector in Vietnam and Acuity Funding has already gained recognition for negotiating private debt finance for projects for a number of sectors.

It has been broadly reported that Acuity has provided over $6 billion in private debt for cross border projects in Vietnam and USA during the last few months.

Mr Thambyrajah’s expertise in private debt, experience in property investment, and four decades of successful entrepreneurship, have gained him the respect of Vietnamese investors, entrepreneurs, and government.

The official FAIP launch in Hanoi will be an opportunity for business and government representatives to gain insights into how Acuity Funding substantially expands the range of options available to fund major projects.

The theme for the launch is ‘Current Status of Industrial Parks and Financial Solutions’. Other speakers include the President of the Vietnam Financial Consulting Association, the new FAIP chairman and the Chief Economist from the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.

“It will be exciting to share the speaker’s podium with some of Vietnam’s most senior financial sector leaders,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

“Other speakers will be offering an overview of the current situation in Vietnam’s financial markets, the status of industrial parks and industrial clusters in Vietnam, and financial issues to note when developing an industrial park in Vietnam,” he said.

“This launch will be an opportunity to inform market participants about how private debt and cross-border investment can make it possible to fund projects, such as industrial parks, of any size.

“Acuity’s unique strength is our ability to successfully connect private investors, including pension funds, hedge funds and family offices, from markets including the United States, Europe and Australia with viable projects in expanding economies including Vietnam.

“I am looking forward to sharing Acuity Funding’s successes with participants in Vietnam’s industrial parks sector who are looking for new ways to fund major projects,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

If you are exploring ways to finance a major industrial project, or any other large scle project, please contact Acuity Funding for more information about available private debt.

*Jacquelene Pearson is Acuity Funding’s content editor