Acuity Funding featured in Vietnam Investment Review

Acuity Funding has made headlines in Vietnam with an article by Director, Ranjit Thambyrajah, featuring in the Vietnam Investment Review.

By Jacquelene Pearson*

Mr Thambyrajah was invited to contribute a paper to the Vietnam Investment Review, about cross-border investment between Australia and Vietnam, to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomacy between the two nations.

He was also invited by the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam to attend a Gala Event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

Speaking from Vietnam, Mr Thambyrajah said: “Acuity Funding is uniquely positioned as a cross-border funding and investment arranger, to assist Vietnamese companies wishing to invest in Australia and vice versa.

“Our global desk and membership of SWIFT, along with our extensive track record of successful cross-border funding, have clearly earned us the respect of the Vietnam marketplace and I was very pleased to contribute the paper to the Vietnam Investment Review,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

You can read the full version of the article here or view it as a PDF.

According to Mr Thambyrajah, the close trade and investment ties between Vietnam and Australia are based on a foundation of trust and respect.

In his analysis of the trade and investment ties between Vietnam and Australia, Mr Thambyrajah said the stage was set for investors to capitalise on the excellent relationship between the two nations to “rebuild after the pandemic and fortify our nations’ economies against future threats.”

“Bilateral investment has room to grow further,” he said. “ Two-way investment amounted to AU$2.17 billion in December 2020. The Australian and Vietnamese governments wish to double that.”

In 2019 Vietnamese invested more in Australia than into any other country, according to Mr Thambyrajah, and opportunities exist in resources and energy, circular economy, defence, advanced manufacturing and space, digital technologies, agribusiness and food, health and infrastructure.

Challenges facing Vietnamese investors wishing to do business in Australia include a lack of local knowledge and the inability to secure funding to complete projects.

In terms of Australian investment flowing into Vietnam, challenges include navigating cultural nuances and expectation of Vietnam’s government and private sector along with being able to secure adequate funding, particularly for large projects.

According to the Vietnam Investment Review article by Ranjit Thambyrajah, the best way to overcome any barriers to successful cross-border investment is to hire an expert funding arranger who also has local knowledge and experience.

As far as Mr Thambyrajah is concerned, investors should look no further than Acuity Funding to find a funding arranger with project management expertise and a proven record of cross-border operations.

*Jacquelene Pearson is Acuity Funding’s content editor