Acuity Funding ‘leading wave of new investment’

My recent visit to Vietnam has highlighted the value of Acuity Funding’s new global desk and our membership of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

By Ranjit Thambyrajah

Acuity Funding’s project pipeline has grown exponentially, within months, since obtaining a SWIFT code as a Non-Supervised Entity active in the financial industry, which gives us the global capacity to engage in payments, securities, banking, insurance or investment services or activities to Supervised Financial Institutions and third parties. Since September this year, we at Acuity Funding have added a staggering sum to our pipeline.

Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Andrew Goledzinowski, described Acuity Funding this way on Twitter, “You may not know Acuity Funding. They are one of the companies leading the wave of new Australian investment into Vietnam. And looking for opportunities – including in infrastructure and energy”.

I believe our reputation for financing major projects with no cap on our funding value, along with our SWIFT membership, provides both our investors and our clients with confidence that we can meet their needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition to meeting with the Australian Ambassador, the opening of our global desk and our SWIFT membership also resulted in meetings with the State Bank (Central Bank) of Vietnam, which is the equivalent of the Reserve Bank of Australia and other leaders of the Government. I also met executives from a number of local banks.

My trip was incredibly busy, including meetings with the Deputy Inspector of the Government.

It was a wonderful opportunity to position Acuity Funding as a high-level financing organisation for major projects across Vietnam’s economy.

As I mentioned in my last article, in Vietnam, you only need to earn $160,000 to be in the top one per cent of earners and that means the delivery of major projects, including energy and infrastructure, is dependent on external funding.

That’s a great opportunity for our investors who are looking for growth opportunities across short-, medium- and long-term timeframes, as they wait out what the IMF is calling the “cost of living crisis” which is slowing down markets in major western economies.

Our mission at Acuity Funding continues to be connecting investors with those needing funds by providing the highest levels of transparency, local representation, transaction speed and efficiency. Acuity Funding’s membership of SWIFT is a universal indicator of the connections and the value we can deliver to our clients and investors across the world. It is not granted easily and only given to organisations after they undergo a rigorous due diligence investigation by SWIFT.

We are now able to confirm funds, receive funds and facilitate the tracking of flow of funds between our investors and our clients. We can administer the movement of funds seamlessly between our growing client base of investors, borrowers, and others wishing to have their funds moved safely between destinations.

As evidenced by our reception in Vietnam, our new Global Desk, supported by our SWIFT membership means Acuity will continue to grow its global reach.

Allow Acuity to set the pace of achieving your funding goals. Contact our new Global Desk today on +61 2 9484 0609 or email