Acuity Funding opens new International Desk

Acuity Funding has entered a new chapter in its journey as a global funding organisation with the announcement it has opened a new, Internal Global Desk.

“As a member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), Acuity is now perfectly positioned to deliver major funding across borders for new and existing clients ‘faster, smarter and better’,” said Acuity’s Managing Director, Ranjit Thambyrajah.

Acuity has been granted membership to SWIFT as a Non-Supervised Entity active in the financial industry, which means SWIFT considers Acuity Funding to be an organisation that can engage in payment, securities, banking, financial, insurance, or investment services or activities to Supervised Financial Institutions and/or to third parties.

Mr Thambyrajah said that Acuity Funding was privileged to join a small, elite group of organisations that hold this type of SWIFT membership.

“Our mission has always been to connect investors with those needing funds by providing the highest levels of transparency, transactional speed and efficiency,” he said.

“Acuity Funding’s membership of SWIFT is a universal indicator of the connections and the value we can deliver to our clients and investors across the world. It is not granted easily and only given to organisations after they undergo a rigorous due diligence investigation by SWIFT.”

SWIFT sends millions of financial messages every day with ‘scale, precision, pace and trust’ and Acuity’s membership of SWIFT further enhances our capacity to seamlessly, and instantly, deliver funds to where they are needed.

We are now able to confirm funds, receive funds and facilitate the tracking of flow of funds between our investors and our clients. We can administer the movement of funds seamlessly between our growing client base of Investors, Borrowers, and others wishing to have their funds moved safely between destinations.

A SWIFT code enables an organisation to send money across borders through the SWIFT network.

“Under SWIFT’s eligibility criteria, Acuity can engage in services to Supervised Financial Institutions and/or to unrelated third parties to support financial transaction processing by means of communicating and processing information,” Mr. Thambyrajah said.

“Our clients can be assured that we are in ‘good standing financially and with respect to compliance with applicable laws and regulations’, and that we are ‘subject to regular audits in accordance with internationally recognised accounting standards by an independent audit firms as these requirements underpin for the standed requirements for all SWIFT membership,” he said.

Having our own dedicated SWIFT Code will give our whole client base the highest level of security and confidence in dealing with Acuity Funding. It will allow us to access and use a greater number of security types on an international level that is never offered through the major banks as at Acuity Funding, we are client focused and able to provide the more personalised service that business clients are seeking in today’s financial environment.

“Our new Global Desk sits on the same rung of the global financial ladder as banks, treasury market infrastructures, broker/dealers, custodians, investment managers, corporations, exchanges and clearing houses.

“Acuity has a unique approach to delivering funding solutions for its global clients so SWIFT is a natural fit for us – it gives us substantial capacity to complete transactions for our clients and investors with high levels of reliability, safety and trust.”

Acuity’s new Global Desk, supported by our SWIFT membership, means we can solve operational challenges, small or large, by using internationally-recognised technology to safely automate and speed transactions.

Our due diligence is world-class which means our operations are cost-effective, saving our clients time and money and giving them security and peace of mind about compliance and risk management.

Acuity Funding excels at getting funds to the right place, at the right time and our SWIFT membership indicates that we are at the cutting edge of global financial information management and systems expertise.

Acuity Funding can move money as fast as any bank, and sometimes faster as using SWIFT means some currencies can be processed within minutes but your money is still protected with bank-level security.

The opening of our new Global Desk, supported by our SWIFT membership means Acuity will continue to grow its global reach with the highest levels of security, speed and transparency.

Allow Acuity to set the pace of achieving your funding goals. Contact our new Global Desk today on +61 2 9484 0609 or email