How to benefit from the strength of China and South East Asia this year

A common economic viewpoint seems to be that western economies will struggle as the ‘cost of living crisis’ continues to bite this year but China and the ASEAN-six will be the leading marketplaces for investment and economic expansion.

By Jacquelene Pearson

As more than 2 billion people recently celebrated the Luna New Year, some of the world’s major economic analysts were revising their forecasts in favour of stronger growth for China and other South East Asian nations in 2023.

China’s rolling back of COVID restrictions hasn’t all been smooth sailing and the geopolitics of Taiwan and the South China Sea do give some cause for concern, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Morgan Stanley and Deloitte showing confidence in China’s economic outlook for 2023.

Deloitte’s analysis of China’s economic and industry outlook has positive things to report for every sector from a recovery in demand for consumer goods, the need to support property developers to provide a stable housing market, through to optimism in a large-scale expansion of the renewables sector and high-end technology.

Similar forecasts are being made for the smaller ASEAN countries. The ASEAN-six – Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia – are predicted to have lower growth than in 2022 but still substantially higher than the global average.

The ASEAN regional trading bloc was created back in the 1960s, but it came into its own at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos when representatives from Indonesia and the Philippines predicted that South East Asia would be the global economic powerhouse this year.

They predicted ASEAN’s GDP to be as high as 5.2% and this positive story is likely to be underpinned by healthier trade between China as it opens up from COVID and the ASEAN bloc.

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