Vietnam expert invites Acuity CEO to join panel

Acuity Funding’s CEO, Mr Ranjit Thambyrajah, has been invited to participate in a panel to examine Vietnam’s financial systems and regulations.

By Jacquelene Pearson

The experience and professionalism of Acuity Funding’s CEO, Ranjit Thambyrajah, has been recognised by one of Vietnam’s most revered financial academics, Dr Phan Huu Thang.

Dr Thang has held some of the highest and most esteemed positions in Vietnam’s financial marketplace and academia including: Chairman of the Institute of International Investment Studies Co. Ltd; and

Deputy President of Vietnam Real Estate Association.

He was formerly the Director of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA).

Mr Thambyrajah said he was truly humbled to have his knowledge and experience recognised.

“I am excited by the prospect of liaising with Dr Thang and of the potential to take part on a legislative panel,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

“Acuity Funding values the trust placed in it by Dr Thang and many other players in Vietnam’s burgeoning financial marketplace,” he said.

“I am looking forward to several guest speaking opportunities in Vietnam later this year and I hope to make a positive contribution to the future legislative model for the nation’s financial markets.”

Dr Thang is also the Chairman of the Vietnam Investment Review which has published multiple articles by Mr Thambyrajah in recent months.

The first article published in the Vietnam Investment Review closely examined the financial relationship between Vietnam and Australia and looked at the promising future of cross-border investing between the two nations.

According to that article, economic growth in the Indo-Pacific region has re-shaped the global landscape. Vietnam finds itself at the centre of the vibrant and burgeoning ASEAN region.

Vietnam and Australia have enjoyed healthy bilateral trade for the past 20 years, growing on average by 8.6 per cent p.a, faster than Australia’s overall trade and trade with other ASEAN countries.

Bilateral investment has room to grow further. Total two-way investment amounted to A$2.17 billion in December 2020. The Vietnamese and Australian governments wish to double that.

According to Mr Thambyrajah, cross-border investment can be done with ease by using a funding arranger who understands both markets and cultural nuances.

“Acuity brings expertise as a fund arranger and project manager with excellent industry knowledge and connections to provide immigration assistance and education opportunities,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

“Acuity is the only funding arranger in Australia offering services across infrastructure and government project funding, PPPs, specialised securities and international mortgage management. We arrange large-scale funding for major projects in infrastructure, mining, agriculture, technology, or real estate. Over 40 years of experience give our services wisdom and innovation that first-time cross-border investors need.”

The second article published in the VIR focused on Mr Thambyrajah’s understanding of the unravelling of the global banking system, particularly the recent collapse and rescue of Credit Suisse.

“The greatest pain from the unravelling of the international banking system will be felt in smaller economies, where bond markets are less mature,” Mr Thambyrajah said.

“Repercussions will be felt by those who have used bonds to raise funds for major projects. If those bonds have been backed by any of the crisis-hit banks, such as Credit Suisse, their value has been destroyed.

“Fortunately, there is a new wave of innovators or disruptors, including Acuity Funding, who combine the best of investing and lending to arrange funding for even the world’s biggest projects,” he said.

“If your project is to deliver a major infrastructure project for a national government with stringent timeframes and deadlines, you are in the firing line, not your investors or your lender,” Mr Thambyrajah told the VIR.

Acuity Funding has a record of helping developers and businesses break into markets. Its understanding of the regulatory and financial expectations Australian governments have of their commercial partners is extensive.

Acuity’s SWIFT membership and relationships with major lenders, aggregators, private equity sources, and hedge funds give its clients access to the funding required for success. Contact Acuity Funding today if you need assistance to arrange funding for a major project.

*Jacquelene Pearson is Acuity Funding’s content editor