How to finance a $50 million-plus project

Taking a big picture approach to how you fund a major project can give you greater awareness and control of your finances and lead you to think more creatively and effectively about how you use your resources.

There are literally thousands of investors, organisations, funds and financiers willing to fund projects valued at $50 million and over across the world. While there’s more than one way to fund a major project, it is possible to overcome some common restrictions which may be put in place by certain funding sources.

Acuity Funding’s experience of providing funding for major projects in Vietnam, for instance, may give major project managers some insight into funding their major projects more efficiently. For example, some sources of funding are only prepared to offer short-term loans. The funding source requires a quick turnaround for the project.

Not all project managers have the capacity to deliver such short-term project turnaround. This is an additional source of pressure that can undermine the capacity of the project manager to deliver a project to the highest quality and longevity for their clients, buyers or end users. In exchange for a short-term finance those intended to benefit from the project get short-changed.

Another common restriction is that some investors or providers of finance may require a government guarantee.

A government guarantee can also come with strings attached for the project manager. In exchange for a government guarantee, for example, the project manager may be required to change their project to better fit with the government’s priorities.

Such a loss of control can lead to delays, cost blow-outs and a loss of interest from targeted purchasers. Acuity Funding can deliver for $50 million-plus projects without short-term time restrictions and without the requirement for government guarantees.

We can offer the project manager the advantage of reducing the cost of the project. You may even be able to enhance or expand your vision for the project once the restrictions of short-term finance and government guarantees can be put aside. How are we able to provide short- and long-term finance with no ceilings and no need for government involvement? It is a result of the global relationships we have spent decades building who trust us to find appropriate large-scale projects that will provide secure returns.

We are able to connect project managers with international investors so we do not have to raise money in the project’s country of origin.

In other words we can provide project managers with the benefits of wholesale investment for long-term financing without restrictions that could undermine the project.

We are ideally placed to assist with the funding of projects across geographies including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore.

Securing your funding from reliable global sources via an expert funding provider, such as Acuity Funding, means you can focus on project management and delivery. Rather than the short-term lender or government dictating the scope of your project and restraining your vision, you can get on with the job of delivering project excellence and leave the funding excellence to Acuity.

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