Flexible funding essential for sustainability projects in 2024

Forbes says sustainability will be one of the major business trends of 2024 and Acuity is already well positioned to be a major funding arranger – ahead of global trends and with excellent risk management – to finance the world’s largest sustainability projects. By Jacquelene Pearson Forbes has identified sustainability as one of its Top … Read more

Investing in housing – Australia looks to South East Asian solution

Australia is facing an affordable housing crisis and the Federal and State Governments are looking for ways to increase housing supply. One solution is the build-to-rent model, traditionally popular in markets like Japan and now taking hold in Australian capital cities. By Jacquelene Pearson Since COVID restrictions were lifted in 2022, investors have been grappling … Read more


Acuity Funding CEO, Mr Ranjit Thambyrajah, has signed off on a $US6.4 billion funding arrangement with the Tin Thanh Group (TTG) of Vietnam to facilitate the completion of multiple global-scale emissions-reducing projects. The collaboration, confirmed with a public signing ceremony, will enable TTG to complete the following: The projects have the approval and support of … Read more

Acuity continues to make headlines in Vietnam

Acuity Funding’s activities in Vietnam have been highlighted in a video, in the latest example of the funding brand’s growing recognition as a major force in the Southeast Asian investment landscape. The video opens by explaining that Vietnam iis home to more than 100 million people, the 15th largest population in the world. The population … Read more

Acuity’s cross-border funding expertise highlighted in new book

Investment experts, including Acuity Funding’s Managing Director, Ranjit Thambyrajah, discussed the threats and opportunities of Vietnam’s overseas investment activities at the launch of a new book from the International Investment Study Institute on the subject. According to a report in the Vietnam Investment Review, on May 31, the International Investment Study Institute unveiled the book … Read more

Asia gaining ‘safe haven’ status

Asian investment markets gaining safe haven status

Asia-Pacific markets are looking more stable and recession-proof than the traditional investment arenas of Europe and the US. Traditional cautions about the risks of investing in the Asia Pacific are being replaced by optimistic forecasts. The relative stability of Asia-Pacific markets post-COVID and their ‘independence’ from factors playing havoc with opportunities in America and Europe … Read more

Acuity funds ‘spiritual’ real estate

Acuity Funding continues to make the national news in Vietnam, this time in relation to its willingness to finance ‘niche’ investment opportunities in cemeteries. A five square metre grave site in some areas of Vietnam has the same price as an apartment and customers can also buy a grave area in installments, according to a … Read more

Think beyond banks for funding security

There are alternatives to banks for securing project finance

Professional bond investors in the US are now openly stating that they do not believe the First Republic collapse and JP Morgan “rescue” will be the end of the banking crisis, as predicted by Acuity Funding’s CEO, Mr Ranjit Thambyrajah in 2022.

Vietnam expert invites Acuity CEO to join panel

Dr Thang with Mr Thambyrajah

Acuity Funding’s CEO, Mr Ranjit Thambyrajah, has been invited to participate in a panel to examine Vietnam’s financial systems and regulations. By Jacquelene Pearson The experience and professionalism of Acuity Funding’s CEO, Ranjit Thambyrajah, has been recognised by one of Vietnam’s most revered financial academics, Dr Phan Huu Thang. Dr Thang has held some of … Read more